Star travelers

Ciencias de la vida: cuestiones generales
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Star Travelers is a new vision of the origin and Destiny of humanity
What would you think if the vision we have of bacteria and viruses is not the real one. That thanks to them we live all living beings on our planet.
What would they think about the appearance of mammals, among which we humans are included, was sudden and of all species at the same time, immediately after the disappearance of the dinosaurs.
What would they think if the reproduction and continuity of mammals is thanks to viruses.
What would they think if our immune system is the most perfect biological machine to avoid diseases, including cancer, and that it is conditioned by our diet and the environment where we live.
What would they think if genetics has reached a scale of such complexity that it is still many years away from being understood and that manipulation by humans could have dire consequences for all living beings.
Bacteria and viruses created life.
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